TMJ Treatments

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TMJ Treatments

TMJ Treatments | JMC Physical Therapy LLC - Bloomington, IN

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jaw to the side of the head and plays an important role in essential bodily functions such as chewing, talking and yawning. Patients with TMJ dysfunction may experience painful and stiff jaw muscles and limited movement. While it may be difficult to determine the exact cause, injuries, arthritis and joint problems can lead to TMJ dysfunction. A physical therapist may use ultrasound, moist heat, and ice to reduce the intensity of symptoms. He may also recommend exercises to strengthen and stretch the jaw muscles.

The physical therapist at JMC Physical Therapy LLC specializes in TMJ treatments in Bloomington, IN. Patients can come in for a complimentary preliminary appointment. Our therapist will review your medical history and assess the severity of the condition. He will recommend a treatment plan that will produce real results for you.

Our company is known for offering exceptional customer service. Every patient is treated as a family member. Our staff will take steps to make you feel comfortable. We are always available to answer your questions and help you make informed decisions. Our therapists will also review your progress constantly and alter the treatment plan to suit your needs.

We accept most insurance plans. We also work with Medicare. Our therapists have the expertise and knowledge to handle both pediatric and adult cases. You will notice a significant improvement in symptoms in a short time.

Do not let TMJ dysfunction affect your everyday life. Simple physical therapy treatment can make a big difference. Enquire today for an appointment to see our TMJ specialist in Bloomington, IN.